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Mark Bidgood, Treasurer

IMAGE: Following the Rock 'n Roll Raleigh 1/2 Marathon, Mark poses for a photo.

Name: Mark Bidgood


When you started with Eye Shine and your role: I joined as a founding member of Eye Shine and have loved every minute of it! It’s fun and so personally rewarding!


Favorite hobbies: Golf, pickleball, coaching…and music! I love seeing live bands and I play guitar and sing in a rock band based in Cary.


Favorite quote or saying: “It’s your life…decorate it as you like!” Ben Folds. It’s a quote that can invite creativity, while also holding you accountable to the decisions you make. So be sure to decorate your life just right as it’s really up to you and your choices!


Likes: Teamwork! Like with the Eye Shine team, we love to bring our strengths together to offer more as a result. I’ve been on so many teams (work, sports, with friends, etc.) and how you choose to add value to the group is what delivers the best team result!


Dislikes: Complaining…I guess I’m complaining about complaining here! ;) If you have a complaint, try to have some suggested solutions to make life better for everyone! Otherwise you’re just a complainer!


Day Job: IBM Sales Leader focused on our Data & AI Portfolio. It’s fun and I get to work with some really smart people!

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