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Sara Perry


Image Description: Sara squatting down by a small stream with her dog Levi (brown dog with orange collar). She is wearing a black shirt and pants, purple backpack and a light blue hat.

Name: Sara Perry

When you started with Eye Shine and your role: Board member since 2023. I have participated in Eye Shine events as a parent since 2018. My son is visually impaired and this foundation has been a wonderful resource for us.

Favorite hobbies: camping, kayaking, yoga, hiking spending time with my family (hubby, 3 kiddos, and our dog), and organizing things. 

Favorite quote or saying: "I dwell in possibility" - Emily Dickinson

Likes: Phở, coffee, makings lists, the sound of a good belly laugh, staying up late, Halloween time, winter, and Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Dislikes: Super hot days, mean people, traffic jams, and anything artificially cinnamon flavored.

Day Job: Elementary School Special Education Resource Teacher in the Johnston County Public School system.

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