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Kim Hudson, Founder

IMAGE: On a sunny day, Kim and her family went on a kayaking cruise down the river. Picture Description: Kim on an orange kayak, wearing a dark blue life jacket, sunglasses, hair pulled back, and a big smile on her face. 

Kim Hudson has been inspired to support people with visual impairments to pursue fun and recreation over her 18 years as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Orientation and Mobility Specialist.  Kim recognizes how important it is for the children she works with to have regular social experiences with others who have sensory loss.  Recreational opportunities empower an individual to try new things and get “out of the box”, ultimately improving a person’s quality of life.  Kim has participated in recreational summer camps with kids who are blind and visually impaired and has experienced first-hand the lifelong impact these opportunities can have.  Kim is dedicated to providing fun, recreation and community for children with sensory loss in the Triangle. 

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