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Auna Myong,

Youth Outreach Coordinator & Donor Activity Director

PHOTO ABOVE: With the music turned up and colorful lights, Anna is being dipped by her partner. 

Anna has been visually impaired since birth, but she’s never let that slow her down, or define who she is. Throughout her childhood, recreational activities helped Anna to develop transferable skills such as perseverance, discipline, finding healthy avenues for stress relief, and building her self-confidence. Anna is interested in psychology and physical fitness, and is obsessed with ballroom dancing. She is a certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and the mother of two handsome boys.

Anna is excited to be an Eye Shine Foundation Board Member and is dedicated to providing youth with visual impairments positive opportunities, like those that she was fortunate enough to have and also to provide the resources that she did not have;  a structured social network of visually impaired children mentored by passionate and highly trained professionals.  

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